Worship One-Name Study

Researching the Worship surname globally

John Worship (1744–1805)

By an unknown artist. This is an oil on canvas (124 x 100 cm) and is in the collection of the Great Yarmouth Museums, Norfolk, England

Welcome to the Worship One-Name study!


This study started by accident, way back in 1993 when I discovered my husband's paternal grandmother had the maiden name of Worship. I was curious about the surname and started recording any instances that I came across. I registered the surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 2005.

The One-Name Study

There is data in the study in a mixture of electronic and paper records. The plan is to upload the entire study as it stands to this site. My initial focus is within the UK, focusing on the Counties where my husband's direct line is found, which are Huntingdonshire and Yorkshire then further north to Scotland, before looking at the rest of the UK. I already have instances of the surname in the United States and Australia.

As a Guild member who has registered the Worship surname I have to do several things, firstly make the study global and secondly respond to all enquires.There are a few other things, but essentially these two things are the crux of a One-Name Study. There is no prescriptive method or time frame for making the study global, although there are examples of records outside of the UK. The biggest task will be getting almost three decades of material under control, processed and into this site.

Data within the study

Where a female marries out of the Worship surname I tend to include one or maybe two further generations. Males, as they generally speaking carry on with the Worship surname are followed with no limitations. There are always exceptions to every rule and there are some individuals whereby I have been interested in their line for any number of reasons.

For my husband's particular lines of Worship ancestry I have tended to include all information regardless if the material goes beyond the Worship surname.

Material is shared if the individual is deceased or they lived more than 100 years ago. If the material is already in the public domain, such as a reference in an obituary then I do include that material, with some caution


The Worship one-Name study is the property of Julie & Stuart Goucher. We have made numerous purchases of documents or copies of documents. We also have a number of genealogical subscriptions which we have purchased so that we can develop the study further and add media to this site for illustration purposes and as evidences. Please always acknowledge the Worship One-Name Study in your research

Contact & Collaboration

We welcome a collaborative approach and submissions to the study. If you are researching a Worship family, regardless of where they are please do get in touch.

Julie & Stuart Goucher, 9th May 2017

Annie Hindle (formerly Worship & nee Rhodes), Harry Hindle and Henry Rhodes Hindle

Stuart's Great Grandmother, Annie Hindle, formerly Worship and nee Rhodes (1868-1953), Annie's second husband, Harry Hindle and son Henry Rhodes Hindle. Photo taken circa 1950 Philadelphia, PA & USA and courtesy of Paul Berglin.

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